Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Exercise Videos & Stress Checker Health App


Dr Oz Recap October 11 2013

Dr. Oz sat down for a special conversation with fitness guru Richard Simmons to talk about growing up as an overweight child and how it led him to help millions of people take control of their lives and get healthy. Learn how you can still work out with Richard and find out why he is so passionate about helping kids who are struggling with their weight. Do you often find yourself tempted to pop those annoying pimples that show up on your face at the most inconvenient times? Well before you go to the mirror Dr. Oz has advice to properly pop a pimple to avoid causing damage or scarring to your face. Finally, learn a few healthy breakfast options to keep you from having a sugar crash half way through the day!

Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Project Hope DVD Series & Kids and Obesity

Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Exercise Videos & Stress Checker Health App

Dr Oz shared the newest wave of Richard Simmons exercise videos on October 11 2013. Plus, check out a free health app narrated by Dr Oz himself!

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