Dr Oz Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Review, Big Belly Diet & Big Bottom Diet

By on July 2, 2012

Dr Oz Body Type Diet

Dr Oz’s July 2, 2012 show is packed full of weight loss tips including the Body Type Diet that can help you whether you are looking for a Big Belly Diet or a Big Bottom Diet.  He also spoke about how to lose weight with products like Rooibos Tea.  And if you want to look thinner instantly while you work on losing weight, you definitely want to checkout Dr Oz’s Slimming Clothing because he showed a fabulous red dress that hides a big bottom and Robert Verdi told Dr Oz about clothes to hide your problem areas.  If you have tried to the Dr Oz Body Type Diet, whether it be the Big Belly Diet from this show (or even the previous Big Belly Diet!), the Big Bottom Diet or even the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, please leave a comment below and share with everyone what worked or did not work for you!  I would especially love to hear from anyone who tried the Dr Oz Anti-Inflammatory Toast!

Dr Oz Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Review, Big Belly Diet & Big Bottom Diet

Dr Oz spoke about Rooibos Tea for weight loss and the Body Type Diets including the Big Belly Diet & the Big Bottom Diet.

If you are not trying to lose weight, have no fear, Dr Oz also covered other interesting topics on July 2, 2012.  For example, did you know that Peppermint Oil Capsules can help to calm down IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  And he also spoke about some bizarre baths like a turmeric bath, a beer bath and a seaweed bath that all do different things for your health!

Dr Oz Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Diet

Doctor Oz revealed weight loss secrets from around the world.  Do you know how they lose weight in Hungary, Switzerland, and South Africa?  Well, apparently Hungarians eat pickled foods to help them lose weight, but beware of the high salt content in some pickled foods.  The Swiss stay trim by eating Muesli rather than the typical American breakfast of bacon and eggs.  And of course the most interesting weight loss tip of all – the South African Tea that promotes weight loss is called Rooibos Tea.  Since Rooibos Tea is naturally sweet, you do not even have to add sugar to make it taste good.  Dr Oz said that if you replace one cup of coffee every day with a cup of Rooibos Tea, you can lose 7.5 pounds over the course of a year.  Not a bad diet tip for something so simple!

Dr Oz July 2 2012: In Case You Missed It

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Comments to Dr Oz Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Review, Big Belly Diet & Big Bottom Diet

  1. Peter Proudlock says:

    Rooibos is its own plant is in no way related to the tea plant. There are many varieties of tea, and many tea stores sell many other drinks made from plant infusions (or steeping); fruits, flowers and rooibos are among these. Strange that we would never call an infusion of the ground coffee bean “tea” yet often err with other plants.
    As a doctor you would not carelessly miss-label medical terminology, nor suffer its misusage when you hear others carelessly misusing medical terminology without making note of it. Therefore, it would be nice to see you please put a clarification in your most always accurate great e-newletter, on the common misnomer of calling all infusions “tea”. Tea is tea and rooibos is rooibos. Thank you.
    And also a thank you for your great show in the otherwise often mundane world of medicine; your newsletter is greatly appreciated as I cannot often watch your show (strange how work gets in the way of life at times…).

  2. What type of Rooibos Tea, I noticed that it comes in different flavors and different types. Which one is the best?

  3. Hi Dr.Oz,what does the container of the Rooibos Tea look like, I’m trying to find it in my local grocers.

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    Dr Oz, Your show is one of my favorite, and I have learned a lot by watching.
    There are many of us out there that are over 65 years of age, and my group
    of seniors need some of our issues addressed on your show. I would be
    pleased if you could add this age bracket issues to your show..
    Thank you, Margaret Smith (425)-746-1420.

  5. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, low in tannins and known just as much for its delicious flavor as it is for its numerous health benefits. Traditionally, the fine needle-like leaves from the Aspalathus linearis or wild rooibos plant were cut and bundled in the high mountainous regions of South Africa before being oxidized in the sun where they would gain their distinct reddish-brown color. Non-oxidized rooibos or green rooibos is available as well. Learn more by visiting the Nature’s Tea Leaf website.

  6. isaiah kalenge says:

    iam in zimbabwe and would like also to loose wait,what can ido?

  7. Osteoporosis could be also one of negative results of this surgery and loss of hunger sensations, and a study recently published in the American Journal of
    Clinical Nutrition Published online ahead of print, doi:
    10. Having a fast fat loss factor.

  8. Mary Nader says:

    Dr. Oz,
    . On one of your shows you were taking about the benefits of drinking Rooibos Tea, then I remember at the end of that segment you saying “drink it once a day”. Can you drink it only once a day? Or is drinking it more often ok as well?
    . Love your show, you’ve made me want to take better care of myself!
    . God Bless You, Mary Nader

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