Dr Oz Runner’s Diarrhea, Diverticulitis & Catnip Bath Sleep Remedy


Dr Oz Runner’s Diarrhea & Diverticulitis

Dr Oz’s Show on July 4, 2012 is all about Warning Signs of Diverticulitis and fabulous home remedies like an Eczema Baking Soda Bath, a Throat Coat Tea and How Oranges Whiten Teeth.  One of the topics that really resonated with quite a few viewers was when a lady asked Dr Oz about Runner’s Diarrhea.  What is Runner’s Diarrhea anyway?  It is essentially when you get diarrhea (or watery stool) shortly after running.  How do you know if you have Diverticulitis vs Runner’s Diarrhea?  And what are the classic warning signs of Diverticulitis?  Doctor Oz covered these topics and more (read more about it here!).


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