Dr Oz: Safety Of Gel Manicures & Eating Kiwis Boosts Immune System


Dr Oz January 23 2013

Dr. Oz covered several topics on his January 23 2013 show. First, he revealed the risks involved with gel manicures and everything you need to know before heading to the salon. He also discussed the meanings of our dreams and how they can be clues about the health of our bodies. Finally, Dr. Oz gave advice to help you eat your vitamins every day, including a yummy smoothie recipe!

Dr Oz: Gel Manicure Warning! Gel Manicures Cause Staph Infection

Dr. Oz uncovered the risks involved with gel manicures, including exposure to UV lights and infection. Read more to find out what you need to know before you make an appointment at the nail salon because it might not be worth the risk.

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