Dr Oz: Seven Deadly Symptoms July 14 2011


Dr Oz: 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Dr Oz’s show on July 14, 2011 is called 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore.  Here is a quick overview of what Doctor Oz said are the seven deadly symptoms and what they could mean:

1.  Stomach Pain could indicate Gall Stones.

2.  Vision Changes could indicate Diabetes.

3.  Persistent Headaches could indicate Aneurysm Ruptures.


  1. Harry Snook says

    Articles such as this mornings: Dr Oz’s Seven Deadly Symptoms 7/14 are EXCELLENT, and may possibly save or prevent a lot of lives!! My daughter and I enjoy these comments and your programs on TV! Thanks, Harry an Karen

  2. Susan Pedersen says

    DR. OZ mentioned something about ringing in the ears and I missed it. Does anyone know what he had to say about it? I suffer from this.
    Thank you!

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