Dr Oz: Snooki’s Weight Loss Recipes & Artificial Sweeteners In Milk?


Dr Oz Recap April 1 2013

Dr. Oz began his show today with an important warning about the dairy industry’s petition to the FDA that would allow them to add artificial sweeteners to milk products and not be required to put it on the front label of the product. Would you buy milk if it contained aspartame? Dr. Oz believes you have the right to know what is in the foods you buy at the grocery store, so keep reading to find out what else he shared to help you protect your family! Have you ever watch the show Jersey Shore? Do you remember “Snooki” and her partying ways? Well she stopped by to pay Dr. Oz a visit and they talked about everything from her struggles with anorexia to the positive impact giving birth to her son has had on her life. She shared her weight loss plan, including recipes for her favorite meals, and a five minute workout to help you burn away unwanted belly fat!

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners In Milk & Artificial Sweeteners Addictive?

Dr. Oz discussed a controversial new petition by the dairy association to add artificial sweeteners to milk products. Did you know artificial sweeteners have the same effect on your brain as drugs, causing you to want more of them? Could they be linked to type II diabetes and obesity? Find out what Dr. Oz revealed that will have you thinking twice about the low-calorie sweeteners that could end up in your milk!

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