Dr Oz: Solta Dual Laser, Festoons & Undereye Bag Plastic Surgery


Dr Oz Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz’s show on June 15, 2011 is called The Fix: Plastic Surgery.  Dr Adam Scheiner will appear on the show to do a Festoon Laser Treatment and an Under-Eye Bag Laser Treatment.  Then, Dr Anne Chapas will demonstrate how to do an Asclera Spider Vein Laser Treatment to get our legs perfect for the summer!  Click here to read more about these Plastic Surgery Procedures shown on the Doctor Oz Show: Dr Oz: Festoons & Asclera.

Dr Oz: Solta Dual Laser

Doctor Oz will also feature Dr Matthew Avram, who will remove sun damage from a lady with a new Sun Damage Laser Treatment called the Solta Dual Dr Oz FestoonsLaser.  What impresses me the most about the Solta Dual Laser is that it can actually reduce your risk of getting Skin Cancer, while simultaneously making you look years younger by erasing sun damage from your skin.  I wonder if the Sun Damage Laser Treatment can be covered by insurance policies since it minimizes your chances of getting Skin Cancer.  Click here to read the full recap of this segment: Dr Oz Solta Dual Laser.

Dr Oz Un-Fried Chicken Recipe

Dr Oz will do a segment with the Deen Brothers: Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen (sons of Paula Deen from the Food Network!).  They are making over a Fried Chicken Recipe to make it healthier.  Their Un-Fried Chicken Recipe is made with corn flakes, and it is baked instead of fried.  Click here to read more about this recipe: Dr Oz Un-Fried Chicken Recipe.


  1. liz says

    I really am interested in Dr Adam Scheiner under eye bags remove ,but found no info on the doctor

  2. wendy says

    liz, i couldnt fiknd any info on the doctor either. I’m interested in having this procedure done but i would only go to Dr. Adam Scheiner.

  3. Terry Stair says

    I saw the Festoon laser treatment for under eye bags and would like to have this done. Can you refer me to a doctor in Arizona?

  4. awilda martinez says

    I would like a Dr in PR for under eyes bag or in Fl., can you give me a Drs name or num. were i could have this prcedure done.

  5. says

    We need the names of the top laser eyelid and lower lid specialists in San Francisco.
    Could you please send us the names and phone numbers?

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