Dr Oz: Speed Up Weight Loss Secrets & Women Over 40 Essentials

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Dr Oz: Speed Up Weight Loss Secrets & Women Over 40 Essentials

By on September 8, 2011

Dr Oz’s Essentials For Women Over 40:

Dr Oz’s Show on September 8, 2011 presented a list of 7 Essentials for Women Over 40.    Doctor Oz’s essentials list included Valerian Root Tea, DHEA Supplements, Bobbi Brown Anti-Aging Makeup, Bobbi Brown Concealer, Bobbi Brown Cream Blush, Dried Fruit, Freekah, Seitan and Quinoa.  After playing with some Bobbi Brown makeup the other day, I can definitely see what the excitement is about – Bobbi Brown knows what she is doing!  If I was only going to purchase one of Bobbi Brown’s products though, I would go with the concealer and corrector – it is amazing!  I also loved Kristin Kirkpatrick’s advise about increasing the lean protein in our diet through foods such as Freekeh, Seitan and Quinoa.  Quinoa is so versatile that I have found tons of different ways to incorporate it into my family’s diet.  You can make it into a breakfast cereal (or even combine it with oatmeal), use it in a pilaf recipe instead of rice, or add it to baked goods to increase the protein in your yummy treats.  My family often eats quinoa without even knowing it!  If you have any quinoa recipes that you love, please share it in the comment section below.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Secrets

Doctor Oz also did a segment on How To Speed Up Weight Loss.  Kat Barefield joined Dr Oz Dr Oz Women Over 40to share these Weight Loss Secrets.  One of the tips that I like the most is to incorporate lemon juice into your diet to speed up how quickly you lose weight.  The citric acid found in lemon juice keeps food in your stomach for a longer period of time, so you do not get hungry as quickly, and thus you tend to eat less.    Another great weight loss secret is to set an alarm to go off every 4 hours to remind you to eat a mini-meal.  By eating smaller meals more often, you will avoid unhealthy snacks and boost your metabolism.

Dr Oz September 8 2011:

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