Dr Oz: Spices That Fight Cancer & Greek Yogurt Buying Recommendations


Dr Oz Recap October 22 2013

Dr. Oz and Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary revealed the secrets in your seven chakras and how to release blocked energy for better health. They shared which foods to eat so you can prevent heart disease and thyroid problems while also repeating a mantra or trying a mudra to calm your mind. Next, Dr. Oz talked to Tory Johnson about her shift in thinking that led to a 60-pound weight loss! Finally, Dr. Oz shared the surprising foods that you should be eating to fight and prevent cancer, including peanut butter and sunflower seeds!

Dr Oz: The Seven Chakras & Signs of Infertility and Arthritis

Dr Oz: Spices that Fight Cancer & Greek Yogurt Buying Recommendations

Dr Oz shared a cancer-fighting spice combination you should have in your kitchen!

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