Dr Oz: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital & McGhee Sextuplets


Dr Oz Recap December 20 2012

Today’s Dr. Oz show was all about kids as the McGhee sextuplets took over his stage and Marlo Thomas joined him to talk about her work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to fight childhood cancer. He also introduced his audience to a special little boy who fought a brain tumor and won with the help of St. Jude Hospital. We also heard the amazing story of one woman’s battle with Cushing’s Disease.

Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets Raising 6 Toddlers & Selective Reduction

Dr. Oz began his show today with his biggest challenge yet! The McGhee sextuplets took over his stage and those toddlers certainly kept him on his toes, as they do with their parents every single day. Keep reading to see how their parents manage to keep their sanity while wrangling their little army of toddlers.

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