Dr Oz: Super Immunity Diet Plan Review & Health Risks For Only Child?


Dr Oz Recap March 13 2013

Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrman shared the Super Immunity Diet to help you get healthy and never get sick again. They shared four simple rules as well as easy immune-boosting recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, check out the sweet treat that Dr. Fuhrman said you can eat a few times a week without feeling any guilt!


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    Dr Oz,, Why don’t you have more shows with ” Men ” issues, your show talks a lot about women issues and diet, but there are some of us ” Men” who watch your show and don’t need a diet and get tired of hearing about women problems, Men also have health issues, as you know, Heat disease, Cancer, Staying healthy as we get older, what do men need to stay on top of things as they get older, I would really like to see a week long special on MEN!…
    Thank you

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