Dr Oz: The Body Book Review & Acupressure for a Tension Headache


Dr Oz Recap January 15 2014

Dr. Oz started his show today by talking to a superstar you might recognize! Cameron Diaz stopped by to talk about The Body Book and to share her best tips for the getting the healthy body you have always wanted. Next, learn the health benefits of Coconut Palm Sugar and find out how you can use it to replace white sugar from now on. Also, Dr. Oz reveals the surprising warning signs that you might have a blockage in your arteries. Find out why you should never ignore hair loss on your legs, cold feet, or pain in your calves when walking because they could be a sign that something serious is going on. Finally, take Dr. Oz’s How Healthy Are You Quiz and learn the health benefits of Matcha Tea and find out how Acupressure Relieves headaches causes by tension and stress.

Dr Oz: The Body Book Review & Is Quinoa Pasta Gluten-Free?

Dr. Oz talks to one of America’s favorite sweethearts when he sits down with Cameron Diaz to discuss why she wrote The Body Book and how she was able to get the body she has always wanted. More importantly, Cameron offered tips to help you get a better body, including some of her favorite foods to boost energy and improve your health.

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