Dr Oz: The Chew Recipes (Salmon & Wine-Stained Pasta) from 9/28/2012


Dr Oz September 28 2012

Dr Oz September 28 2012 featured a peek inside your grocery store and the deceptive practices that could be costing you calories and cash. Plus, Dr Oz’s daughter and her co-hosts from The Chew made a recipe from their new cookbook for you to try at home. Here’s what happened on Dr Oz September 28 2012.

Dr Oz Supermarket Secrets: Egg Load Limit Line

Are you getting ripped off at the grocery store? A food & consumer expert told Dr Oz about the dirty tricks you didn’t know are going on behind the scenes at your favorite stores. Learn what the sell by date could really mean, and how fresh the bakery’s bread might actually (not) be.

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