Dr Oz: The Dopamine Diet, Fiber Fillers & Nanny Jo Frost’s New TV Show


Dr Oz May 13 2013

If you can’t seem to control your food cravings, dopamine could be to blame. Dr Oz explained the science behind the dopamine diet and how you can trick your body into feeling full so you don’t have the spikes and crashes from this feel-good chemical. Plus, nanny Jo Frost was on the show to dish out advice about health and relationships. Here’s what you missed on Dr Oz May 13.

Dr Oz: Dopamine Cravings Quiz, Dopamine Crashes & #OzCravings

Dr Oz: The Dopamine Diet, Fiber Fillers & Nanny Jo Frost's New TV Show

Dr Oz’s May 13 2013 show explained the scientific reasoning behind the Dopamine Diet and how you can trick your brain; nanny Jo Frost’s advice for adults.


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