Dr Oz: The Dukan Diet French Diet Fad & $500 Health Drop


Dr Oz: Dukan Diet

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online.  Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on May 2, 2011 is called “The Dukan Diet: Is This The Secret To Your Weight Loss?”  For those of you who have not yet heard of The Dukan Diet, it started out as a French Diet Fad but has quickly been sweeping around the globe.  There is even a rumor that Kate Middleton (Prince William’s bride!) lost weight for their Royal Wedding with The Dukan Diet.  Is it possible that you can eat whatever you want and never gain a pound?  The Dukan Diet is supposed to have no calorie restrictions and nothing is off limits, but does it work?  And is it safe?  Several of Doctor Oz’s guests claim to have lost quite a bit of weight (26 pounds for one person and 52 pounds for another).

Dr Oz: Attack Phase

Dr Oz will speak about the pros and cons of The Dukan Diet, along with the four phases that diet is made of.  To give you a little background before the show airs, Dr Pierre Dukan is the French doctor who came up with the concept behind the diet (hence the name The Dukan Diet!).  The first two phases of the diet are focused on weight loss, and the other two phases focus on reintegrating foods back into your diet and maintaining the weight loss from the first two phases.  The first phase is called the Attack Phase, and this is considered to be the most difficult of the phases.  You stay on this first phase anywhere from two days up to a full week depending o n how much weight you want to lose.  All you can eat during the Attack Phase is protein (lean beef, chicken, fish, no-fat dairy and eggs).  You may also have a very small amount of oat bran every day, and you must take a 20 minute walk.  This sounds somewhat reminiscent of the Atkins Diet so far.

Dr Oz: Cruise Phase

The second phase of The Dukan Diet is called the Cruise Phase, and you alternate between having all protein one day, followed by protein and non-starchy vegetables the next day. You still cannot have any fruits or carbohydrates. You stay on The Cruise Phase until you have reached your goal.

Dr Oz: Consolidation Phase

Next comes the Consolidation Phase, which is when you slowly start to add back fruit,Dr Oz Dukan Dietcheese and carbohydrates.  Plus, you get to have two “celebration” meals every week during which you are allowed a glass of wine.  You stay on the Consolidation Phase for five days for every pound you lost.

Dr Oz: Permanent Stabilization Phase

The final phase of The Dukan Diet is the Permanent Stabilization Phase, and this is when you commit to the following items:


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