Dr Oz: The Fattest Women in America Face-Off & How to Stop Obesity


Fattest Women in America

Dr Oz’s show on August 7, 2012 is called The Fattest Women in America Face-Off.  Where do you stand in the Obesity Debate?  Four women told Doctor Oz they love being “obese” and four women said they absolutely hate it.  Dr Oz also spoke with Pauline Potter, who may just be the fattest woman in America?!?!  Plus, if you are struggling with obesity, Dr Oz gave tips for How to Stop Obesity.  Where do you stand on the “Fat Debate?”  My opinion is that I am thrilled that some women who are classified as obese are self-confident enough to feel happy with the way they look, but to me, it is not a matter of how anyone looks – it is a matter of health.  I think obesity is something that has to be fought off, because even if you are comfortable with the way you look, it simply is not good for anyone to be obese.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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