Dr Oz: The Tracy Anderson Method Review & How To Stop Sugar Cravings


Dr Oz Recap May 6 2013

Dr. Oz devoted today’s show to providing you with holistic cures for your worst health mistakes. He included remedies to strengthen your immune system and lower your cholesterol while giving your body the boost it needs to heal and repair from the damage caused by your bad habits. Dr. Oz also shared the Tracy Anderson Method to lose weight based on your body type and specific dietary needs. Find out which foods reduce inflammation and which exercises will target your most stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

Dr Oz: Holistic Cure For High Cholesterol & Brewer’s Yeast Review

Dr. Oz shared holistic cures to reboot your body and fix the damage caused by your worst habits. Natasha Turner joined him to share the best way to lower your cholesterol and heal your liver without taking medication.

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