Dr Oz Three Day Cleanse Drink Recipe & Dr Oz Supplement Recommendation


Dr Oz Recap March 7 2013

Have you been struggling to lose weight regardless of how well you eat and how much you exercise? If so, this is the Dr. Oz show for you. This episode was focused on teaching you how to melt your fat fast and how to reset your secret fat loss hormones, which included a three day detox cheat sheet for you to print out and hang prominently on a wall. You might be shocked to hear that losing weight is less about diet and exercise and more about proper hormone levels in your body. If  just one of your hormones is out of whack, it can lead to problems throughout your body and even weight gain. Keep reading to find out how you can take control of your hormones once and for all!

Dr Oz Reset Your Hormones Quiz & Dr Natasha Turner

Dr. Oz shared a quiz to help you figure out if your hormones are out of balance. Dr. Natasha Turner said that fixing your hormones is a priority to lead you on your way to better health and successful weight loss.


  1. sandy says

    is there any chance that this will have the opposite effect and cause an increase in weight over this three day period?

  2. Kristie says

    I wonder if any fruits can be substituted for another. I like all of the items (for the most part) but I cannot stomach pineapples. Weird, I know, but I would not be able to drink a shake with pineapple in it. Any suggestions?

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