Dr Oz: Thyroid Neck Self-Test & Can You Use Aquaphor For Diaper Rash?


Dr Oz Recap April 18 2013

Dr. Oz sat down with actress Sofia Vergara to talk about her health challenges and how a diagnosis of thyroid cancer changed her life. They also discussed the symptoms of common ailments like allergies, eczema, and gall stones. Would you recognize the signs? Next, Dr. Oz shared the three best-kept health secrets that will change your life by giving you more energy, improving your heart health and healing your dry skin! Keep reading to find out what he recommends!

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism & Sofia Vergara’s Thyroid Cancer

Dr. Oz was joined by actress Sofia Vergara as they discussed her scare with thyroid cancer and why she believes everyone should have their thyroid tested. Sofia’s personal doctor shared a thyroid self-test as well the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Click over to see if you should see your doctor for a blood test to check your thyroid!


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    Hello, I just watched your show on Aquaphor and would like to take advantage of your offer for a free Aquaphor to try. I am a 60 year old[young] woman. Happily I am two years past having a complete hysterectomy as a result of having ovarian cancer and a year past chemotherapy treatments . I also live on a farm in rural northern Saskatchewan, Canada and have livestock to take care of outside all winter long…..and still at present we still have two feet of snow and cold temperatures. I find that since my health issues my skin has been compromised. I attribute this to lack of hormones now in my body and the severe cold dry winter climate I live in. I am constantly dealing with cracked skin on my finger tips and face skin issues as a result of these conditions. I have a daily regime of not using soap on my face…just a wash cloth and warm water and then using a moisturizing skin cream. And also faithfully use hand cream on my dry cracked hands. I drink lots of good water each day and stay hydrated, but yet still have problems.The Auquaphor product sounds like I would get relief for both my face and hand problems. I am 2 and a half hours away from a large city center and can only get there occasionally. I would be so grateful if you could include me in the offer of a free trial sample of Aquaphor as offered on your show this day April 18,2013. I have searched the websites online and I don’t know if this is the correct site to obtain this offer. If this is not the correct site I would appreciate it if you could either forward this on to the proper site and/or email me the correct site address. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter…..it is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your very generous informative television show. Do have a great day! Lanna

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    Dr. Oz. I have a rash with redness and itching behind my ears. I thought it was from my eye glasses but I started taking them off and cleaning them. Then I thought I was getting it from a couple bad teeth. So I have seen you show today; which I watch everyday when day’s off work or time permits and would like to take advantage of the aquafor offer to see if this will help me.
    A few years ago I got a tattoo on my lower leg and I know it works great for the healing of those. Also, it helps keep your colors in the tattoo vibrant.

    Thanks Dr. Oz.
    Melissa L. Taylor

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