Dr Oz: Tips To Help You Sleep & Testicular Cancer At Home Self-Exam


Dr Oz Recap March 12 2013

Dr. Oz shared a plan to help you get better sleep at night! Find out what Dr. Michael Breuss says is the best way to improve your sleep so you can wake up feeling energized! Dr. Oz also shared an important self-exam that all men should perform every month to check for a curable cancer! In a couple of fun segments, Dr. Oz revealed some of the grossest and unhealthiest habits of both men and women. Did yours make the list? Will seeing what Dr. Oz had to say change your behavior? Find out if it is okay to borrow your husband’s toothbrush or razor or if you should stick to using your own!

Dr Oz: Guideline Of Sleep Types & Short Sleep Type Needs More Selenium

Dr. Oz found a new study that reveals diet and sleep are related. He talked with sleep expert Dr. Michael Bruess about the four different sleep types, how they are categorized and the types of diet associated with each sleep type.

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