Dr Oz: Turmeric IBS Remedy & Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


Dr Oz Recap May 29 2014

Dr. Oz kicked off this episode by debunking diet myths you most likely believe to be true. Learn if becoming a vegetarian will help you shed pounds and see if eating in the evening causes weight gain. Next, Dr. Oz speaks to a woman whose cosmetic surgeries landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records. Also, Dr. Oz shares no-pill ways to lower your risk for heart disease. Lastly, Dr. Oz reveals foods to reduce your anxiety and alleviate your stress.


  1. Cheryl Livingston says

    Where is the Dr OZ info on Turmeric IBS Remedy and Tips to lower Blood Pressure Naturally. I see the title but no info. This has happened to me on this site before. If you are going to report Dr OZ show don’t just give the title and no info. It is very frustrating. Lets be a little more thorough please.

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