Dr Oz: Two-Bite Diet Trick & High Heel Workout with Kathy Henkel


Dr Oz Recap September 24 2013

On today’s show, What Dr. Oz Really Tells his Friends and Family, Dr. Oz’s closest family and friends shared the best advice they got from him, including a two-bite diet trick and curing a hangover with pickle juice, plus many more! Is there someone you know who suffers from stinky body odor? If so, Dr. Oz’s Milk of Magnesia remedy could be the solution they have been waiting for to end body odor for good! Finally, learn Dr. Oz’s best advice for saving money while staying healthy, like a free iPhone Sleep App and Aloe Vera to treat a burn.

Dr Oz: Pickle Juice Hangover Remedy & Two-Bite Diet

Dr. Oz’s best friends shared their favorite advice from America’s most-loved doctor. Would you believe that pickle juice cures a hangover and that it is okay to take two bites of every single food you love and still lose weight? Dr. Oz says it is true and he explained why, so keep reading to learn more!

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