Dr Oz: Ultherapy & Muffin Top Liposuction Plastic Surgery


Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Cutting Edge Procedures

Dr Oz’s show on July 15, 2011 is called Plastic Surgery: Cutting Edge Procedures.  Doctor Oz spoke about two plastic surgery treatments: Ultherapy & Muffin Top Liposuction.  Dr Haideh Hirmand demonstrated how to do the Ultherapy Face Lift, which is a plastic surgery treatment for a “Turkey Neck” which is the double chin or wattle that some people develop as they age.  Ultherapy uses ultrasound to tighten the area around your neck, and in just half an hour you can already see results.  Dr Oz was also joined by Dr Stuart Linder who showed a Muffin Top Liposuction plastic surgery treatment .  In just 25 minutes, he was able to remove fat from a ladies muffin top with one tiny incision.  She was back at work two days later and this treatment cost between $2000 and $3500 – a much better price and a quicker recovery time than previous liposuction treatments.

Dr Oz Meal Measure Review

Dr Oz did another segment on Cutting Edge Weight Loss Products such as the Meal Measure, the Gruve, the Quantum Dr Oz Ultherapy ReviewScale and the Jump Snap.  You can read a full review of these products here: Dr Oz Meal Measure, Jump Snap, Quantum Scale & Gruve.  I absolutely love the concept behind each of these weight loss products!  The Gruve is similar to a pedometer, but it syncs your activity online so that you can track your performance over time.  The Quantum Scale is a brilliant scale that tells you how much weight you have gained or lost since your last weighing – which is a much better number to focus on than your actual weight.  The Meal Measure helps you to make sure your portion sizes are kept under control and that you are getting enough protein, vegetables and whole grains.  And finally the Jump Snap is a Wireless Jump Rope that lets you burn calories without worrying about tripping over an actual rope – great for people who are sometimes not terribly coordinate (like me!).

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