Dr Oz: Ultimate Personality Quiz: Is Your Personality Making You Sick?


Dr Oz’s show “Is Your Personality Making You Sick” will air tomorrow, and reveal Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Personality Quiz.  Did you know that certain things about your personality could actually cause Heart Disease, Obesity and Cancer?  The results of Dr Oz’s Ultimate Personality Quiz can give you clues about your health, like if you are predisposed to Diabetes or to having a stroke.  Plus, Dr Oz gives everyone permission to Cheat On Your Diet – with tips on how to eat burgers and cake without the guilt.  Come back tomorrow to wellbuzz.com for a full recap of this Dr Oz Show, but for now, this is what I was able to dig up for all of us. UPDATE: here are links to the recaps:

Dr Oz: Is Your Personality Making You Sick?

Doctor Oz is going to bring Dr Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Officer for Chemistry.com, onto his show to test the personality of three lucky ladies: Jocelyn from Dr Oz Ultimate Personality QuizNew York, NY, Kriste from Holland, PA, and Debrah from Hempstead, NY.  Click here to take the quiz: Dr Oz Personality Quiz.

Dr Oz & Chef Devin Alexander

Since it is week 9 on Dr Oz’s 11 Week Weight Loss Plan, you might be feeling deprived, but Dr Oz will give some tips to help keep away the temptations.  Courtney from Brooklyn, New York has been on Dr Oz’s Move It and Lose It program and says that she is so tempted to cheat on her diet.  But Dr Oz and Chef Devin Alexander, author of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening” will talk about three revolutionary diet foods.  Click here to read about the healthy Fast Food recipes: Fast Food Cheats For Weight Loss: Devin Alexander’s Diet

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux

Doctor Oz will also speak about Silent Reflux, a secret condition that may be sabotaging your sleep.  Dr Oz, along with Sandra from Baltimore, MD (his Assistant-Of-The-Day) will give us three tips to get a better night’s sleep.  Click here to read the recap of what Dr Oz said about Silent Reflux: Silent Reflux Symptoms, Silent Reflux Triggers & Cures

Dr Oz: Infection Detection

Dr Oz will play a game called Infection Detection with Chandra from Philadelphia, PA and Shonda from Hyde Park, NY.  Do you know a cure for common bumps and how to figure out if your cold is more serious than just a regular cold.  What about back pain?  When is back pain something we should worry about?

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