Dr Oz: Under 40 Survival Guide: Birth Control & Skin Secrets

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Dr Oz: Under 40 Survival Guide: Birth Control & Skin Secrets

By on April 25, 2011

Dr Oz’s Under 40 Survival Guide

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online.  Here are the relevant links:

Doctor Oz’s Show on April 25, 2011 will reveal an Under 40 Survival Guide.

Dr Oz: Skin Secrets

Dr Oz will also reveal some Skin Secrets to keep your skin looking young.  Did you know that most of us are using the Dr Oz Under 40 Survival Guideright products at the wrong time of the day?  Doctor Oz will discuss wrinkles, sun damage and Adult Acne.  For example, Vitamin C Serum should be used in the morning rather than at night, because it reduces wrinkles and can help protect your skin throughout the day (especially if you combine it with a moisturizer that contains a SPF).  If you want to learn more about Vitamin C Serums and Moisturizers, read this recap of another segment that Dr Oz did: Dr Oz Vitamin C Serum.  On the other hand, Retinol should be used at night to help stimulate your collagen, because sunlight breaks down Retinol.

Dr Oz: Muffin Top Diet

Dr Oz will also discuss which foods are the best for fighting off Muffin Tops.  Perfect segment to help us get ready for the summer and swimsuit season!  One of the last times that Doctor Oz spoke about Muffin Tops was when he spoke about a special plastic surgery to get rid of the extra fat (click here to read about that segment: Dr Oz: Muffin Top Liposuction).  It should be interesting to hear about natural ways to get rid of Muffin Tops by changing our diet.

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