Dr Oz: The Vision Test App Review & Dr Oz’s Favorite Yoga Poses


Dr Oz Recap January 22 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by debunking the myths even your gyno believes! Learn the truth about some of the most common female health myths, including whether sitting in a wet bathing suit causes yeast infections and if and IUD leads to infertility. Next, Dr. Oz shares three cancer pee tests that could save your life, including what to look for the next time you take a bathroom break. Also, Dr. Oz revealed his new money-saving green drink recipe that is good for you without breaking the bank. Finally, learn Dr. Oz’s favorite yoga poses and find out how to pick the best health app for your personal needs.

Dr Oz: Wet Bathing Suit and Yeast Infection + IUDs Cause Infertility?

Dr Oz: The Vision Test App Review & Dr Oz's Favorite Yoga Poses

Dr Oz revealed the best free health apps that not only fun, but also functional. They include The Vision Test App and the AskMD app.



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