Dr Oz: Vitalicious VitaBrownie Review & How Magnesium Fights Belly Fat


Dr Oz Recap January 8 2014

Today’s Dr. Oz Show was dedicated to helping you get the flat belly you have always wanted! He started with the “tummy trifecta”, which includes foods that increase the skinny bacteria in your gut to melt away unwanted fat. Next, find out how green bananas fight belly fat and learn Dr. Oz’s recipe for a delicious green banana smoothie! Find out the three health resolutions Dr. Oz believes every woman should make this year in order to add years to her life while fighting disease. Finally, get the lowdown on buying packaged foods that are actually good for you. Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko revealed the best choices, from Amy’s Lentil Soup to Vitalicious VitaBrownies and a few in between. Grab a pencil and add these healthy options to your next shopping list!

Dr Oz: 21-Day Tummy Review Liz Vaccariello + How Magnesium Fights Belly Fat

Dr Oz: Vitalicious VitaBrownie Review & How Magnesium Fights Belly Fat

David Zinczenko says you can enjoy dessert without wrecking your diet by trying Vitalicious VitaBrownies!


  1. Daniela says

    Dr.oz I’m fans off u I watch u show everyday at 12 and 3 but I needs a diet that will work with no pills

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