Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms, Clam Pasta & Migraine Relief


Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Dr Oz’s show on August 29, 2012 is called “B12 Deficiency: Are You Missing Out On the Fountain of Youth?”  Sounds intriguing, right?  Doctor Oz shared everything you need to know about a Vitamin B12 Deficiency including how to boost your B12 levels with Vitamin B12 Recipes like Clam Pasta and what are Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms to look out for.  After all, if you do not know the symptoms of a deficiency, then how do you know if you are missing out on this fountain of youth?!?  Dr Oz also did a Cold Medicine Review and spoke about how Elderberry Extract can help keep you from catching a cold.  Plus, learn how to get some Migraine Relief with Feverfew.


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