Dr Oz: Vitamin D Supplements & Dr Laura Berman’s Breast Cancer Battle


Dr Oz Recap December 21 2012

Dr. Oz talked with a doctor who some consider a little provocative because of his alternative medical practices, which include recommending everyone take Vitamin D supplements every day for optimal health. Dr. Oz always sat down with relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman to talk about her personal battle with breast cancer and the lifestyle changes she has made since in order to stay healthy.

Dr Oz: Integrative Medicine, Women Phthalate Warning & Arnica Review

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Soram Khalsa about his integrative medical practice in order to give viewers a better understanding of what is involved in the area of alternative medicine. Dr. Khalsa also warned about the number of chemicals in personal care products. Read on to find out the risks they pose to you and your family.

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