Dr Oz: Weight Loss Hypnosis & Paul McKenna: June 20 2011


Dr Oz: Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Dr Oz’s Show on June 20 2011 was called Hypnosis For Weight Loss, and featured Paul McKenna, a famous Hypnotist.  He taught Doctor Oz about three different types of Weight Loss Hypnosis treatments.  The first is an Emotional Eating Hypnosis that helps you to stop eating when you are bored, lonely or for other emotional reasons.  The second treatment was an Obsessive Dieting Hypnosis, which makes you slow down and really think about what you are eating.  All you have to do is eat with a blindfold on so that while you are eating, the only thing you can focus on is the food and not on your computer screen or cell phone.  The final treatment that Paul McKenna showed to Dr Oz was a Fork And Knife Hypnosis which also helps you to slow down the pace at which you eat, which in turn makes you eat less overall.  Click here for a full recap of how to do all of these Weight Loss Hypnosis Treatments: Dr Oz: Hypnosis For Weight Loss & Paul McKenna Emotional Eating.  You should also read about this hypnosis treatment that Dr Oz’s audience was walked through, because it is definitely easy enough to do at home as well: Dr Oz & Paul McKenna: Hypnosis for Emotional Eating & Obsessive Dieting

Dr Oz: Tart Cherry Juice

Doctor Oz also did a segment on the benefits of Tart Cherry Juice, which is a super powered antioxidant.  It turns out that Tart Cherry Juice can do Dr Oz Weight Loss Hypnosiseverything from relieve pain by decreasing the inflammation in your body to fight heart disease to improve your sleep.  Plus, it is loads better for you than the tart cherry candies that are all the rage these days.  Click here for a full recap of all of the wonderful things Tart Cherry Juice can do for you: Dr Oz: Tart Cherry Juice For Heart Disease, Pain Relief & Sleep Aid

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