Dr Oz: What Does Free Range Mean & Duggar Popcorn and Pickle Recipes


Dr Oz Recap March 14 2013

Dr. Oz shared important information about one of your kids’ favorite foods! Did you know that Kraft Mac & Cheese contains petroleum-based artificial coloring? Find out what you need to know so you can protect your family! Dr. Oz also discussed the recent food fraud in Europe involving horse meat making its way into packages of beef. Could it happen here in the U.S.? Learn what labels to look for and which ones to avoid the next time you head to the grocery store!

Dr Oz: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Yellow Dye #5 & #6 Food Safety Warning!

Dr. Oz talked with two food bloggers who are on a mission to get Kraft to stop using artificial dyes in their Mac & Cheese. Did you know it has been linked to hyperactivity in kids? Find out what other shocking information they discovered when investigating Kraft and this kid-favorite meal!

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