Dr Oz: Whole Grain Buzzwords to Avoid & What is Tempeh?


Dr Oz Recap December 2 2013

Dr. Oz packed a lot of helpful information into today’s show and he started with everything you need to know about Gluten Sensitivity and how it could be causing you to have headaches and other surprising symptoms. Next, learn what whole grain buzzwords to avoid when  shopping at the grocery store to be sure you are getting a truly nutritious product. Also, Dr. Oz revealed the 4 common symptoms of UTI and a home remedy that really works! Finally, see what guidelines to follow when your medications expire and get a probiotic supplement recommendation from Dr. Oz to end your bloat and ease your indigestion.

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease vs Gluten Sensitive + Gluten Sensitivity Signs

Dr. Oz explained the surprising difference between Celiac Disease and a Gluten Sensitivity as he shared the signs to look for as a well as a 2-week plan to figure out if you might be sensitive to gluten.

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