Dr Oz: Why Does My Urine Smell Funny? How Poop Color Relates To Cancer


Dr Oz Recap April 10 2013

The April 10 2013 episode of Dr. Oz was devoted to revealing some of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing questions you have always wanted to ask, but could never work up the nerve. On That’s Awkward: Questions You Would Never Ask Your Doctor, Doctor Oz opened the floodgates to some pretty embarrassing subjects. From what color your poop should be to what your urine should smell like, he provided you with answers to your most uncomfortable issues, including what to do for an itchy butt. A few courageous viewers even shared their awkward stories, from a potty training mishap to getting infected with chicken pox during a stay with friends! Keep reading to see if you can relate to any of these awkward situations.

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