Dr Oz: Witch Hazel Bug Bite Remedy & It’s All in Your Dreams Review


Dr Oz Recap July 16 2013

Have you ever woke up in the morning wishing you could remember the dream you had the night before? If so, this Dr. Oz Show was for you! Learn what causes nightmares and find out what it means if there is water in your dream. The sooner you start to pay attention to your dreams, the sooner you can understand them and how they can help you improve your health. Next, Dr. Oz revealed the 5 essentials that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet and I promise at least a few of them will surprise you. Finally, learn a few tips and tricks from a Culinary Institute of America Chef who brought along some tasty recipes you simply must make for your family!

It’s All In Your Dreams: What Causes Nightmares & Vitamin B6 Dream Booster

Dr Oz: Witch Hazel Bug Bite Remedy & It's All in Your Dreams Review

Dr Oz shared a home remedy for bug bites. Just dab a little witch hazel on the area to reduce pain and swelling.


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