Dr Oz Witch Hazel Sunburn Remedy, Money Anxiety & 60-Second Clinic


Dr Oz Recap July 8 2013

Dr. Oz started his show today by providing you with steps to create a budget and get financially healthy. He and his guest, Lynette Khalfani-Cox, discussed Money Anxiety Disorder and outlined the different types of financial anxiety people experience. They also shared how to save for a vacation and plan for emergencies while sticking to your budget. Also, take Dr. Oz’s Energy Quiz and learn the self-tests from his 60-Second Health Clinic you can do right at home! Finally, be sure to try Dr Oz’s witch hazel sunburn remedy.

Dr Oz: Money Anxiety Disorder With Lynette Khalfani-Cox

Lynette Khalfani-Cox explained Money Anxiety Disorder and how you can create a family budget and improve your financial health. Keep reading to find out her exact breakdown and what she believes is the most important thing to remember when creating your monthly budget.

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