Dr Oz: Women’s Stroke Symptoms & Stroke Risk Calculator


Dr Oz: Stroke Risk Calculator

Dr Oz’s Show on August 24 2011 is about your Stroke Risk and how to calculate it with a Stroke Risk Calculator.  Doctor Oz said that the number one risk for having a stroke is also having High Blood Pressure.  The number two risk factor is Diabetes, followed by Migraine Headaches.  Dr Oz also covered Stroke Symptoms to look for like changes in your vision, numbness on half of your body or slurred speech.  As usual with medical problems, women tend to have different Stroke Symptoms than men.  Dr Oz said that Women’s Stroke Symptoms are often things such as face and limb pain, weakness, nausea and / or confusion.  I would definitely suggest checking out this Stroke Risk Calculator to help determine how likely you are to have a stroke.  The questions used in the calculation include the following:


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