Dr Oz: Yogi Cameron Alborzian, Holistic Health & Rocco’s Black Bean Brownies


Dr Oz: Holistic Health Plan

Dr Oz’s Show on September 2, 2011 featured Yogi Cameron Alborzian and his Holistic Health Overhaul in 28 Days Plan.    The first week is the Detox and Diet week.  Yogi Cameron told Doctor Oz that you should check your tongue every morning.  The more of a “white coating” you see on your tongue first thing in the morning, the more toxins you have in your body.  You should begin drinking hot water to start off your day, while avoiding things like coffee that can be hard on your kidneys.  Week 2 of the Holistic Health Plan is to boost your energy.  Yogi Cameron demonstrated for Dr Oz how to do a special yoga position that will increase your energy.  The third week is for reducing the stress in your life.  Yogi Cameron said he likes to clean out his nostrils by inhaling salt water daily, and then he moisturizes the inside of his nostrils with Ghee.  And the final week of the Holistic Health Plan is for combating all of the aches and pain in your body.  Yogi Cameron suggested drinking Tulsi Tea to boost your immune system while relaxing your nervous system.

Dr Oz: Rocco’s Black Bean Brownie Recipe

Doctor Oz did another segment with Rocco Dispirito, who demonstrated how to make his Dr Oz & Yogi Cameron Alborzianfamous Black Bean Brownie Recipe.  Rocco told Dr Oz that the secret to making really delicious brownies is to use high quality chocolate and vanilla.  You can also add espresso to “kick it up a notch” (as Emeril would say!).  But the best thing about Rocco’s Black Bean Brownie Recipe is that it cuts way down on the fat by using black beans in place of fat (like butter and oil).  Plus, the black beans add a bunch of fiber and protein to your brownies.

Dr Oz September 2 2011

Here are the links to recaps of everything that Dr Oz spoke about on the September 2 2011 episode of the Doctor Oz Show:


  1. Orlanda Furiosa says

    Am afraid that you use your supplements and vitamins as though you were a pitchman for them.
    You never give us a site where one can buy them without having to pay for shipping, which is
    immoral on your part. You are suppose to be on our side. Also I think you are a snake-oil salesman as all you do is tell us what to buy which will make us better, younger, thinner, and all around great women. You pitch nearly always to women which is why I mention it.
    Think again about what you are doing.
    PS: And this ad hominem and not very nice of me, but when your sister came on your show, she was so fat and wore such a tight skirt I wondered from which part of your family she came. What was that about. She doesn’t take your advise?

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