Dr Oz: Yacon Syrup Sugar Substitute + What is Sensory Specific Satiety


Dr Oz Recap November 4 2013

Dr. Oz spent a year researching an item that could be the biggest metabolism game changer ever! He even conducted his own 28-day weight loss experiment to see for himself if yacon syrup really works for losing weight. He talked with the women who tried it, he asked medical professionals what they thought about it and he even made his own yacon syrup recommendation. Learn a few easy yacon syrup recipes you can try at home as well as if this new weight loss tool could be right for you. Finally, Dr. Oz reveals foods that suppress your appetite naturally to keep you full and satisfied all day long.

Dr Oz: Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Review + Yacon Syrup Dosing Suggestion

If you have been struggling to lose weight, Dr. Oz’s new find might be just what you are looking for to give your metabolism a boost and your weight loss a jump start! Yacon syrup is a natural food that can be used to replace sugar, but the best part is that it is high in fiber and only contains about 7 calories per teaspoon!

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