Elizabeth’s Gluten Free Pad Thai & Dr Oz Cholesterol Supplements

By on June 19, 2012

Elizabeth’s Gluten Free Veggie Pad Thai

Dr Oz and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, author of Deliciously G-Free, spoke about Elizabeth’s Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe on the June 19, 2012 Doctor Oz Show.  You can buy Hasselbeck’s book here, but also checkout the full Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe that she shared with Dr Oz and her Celiac Disease Diet Plan.  Even if you do not have Celiac Disease and are not restricted to a Gluten-Free Diet, Hasselbeck’s Pad Thai Recipe is a great recipe to help you lose weight.  Regular pad thai that you get from a restaurant often has 750 calories and 23 grams of fat per serving, whereas Elizabeth’s Gluten Free Pad Thai has 410 calories and 11 grams of fat – not bad!

Dr Oz June 19 2012

Dr Oz's show on June 19 2012 will cover Elizabeth's Gluten Free Veggie Pad Thai and Dr Oz's Cholesterol Supplements.

Dr Oz Cholesterol Supplements

Dr Oz spoke about Cholesterol Supplements like Glucomannan Supplements.  Plus, he gave a list of foods that can lower your cholesterol including pistachios, persimmon, mustard greens and even dark meat chicken.  Who would have thought that dark meat chicken could help to lower your cholesterol?  I always thought it was exactly the opposite because dark meat chicken seems to have more fat, and thus I would have thought it would make cholesterol problems even worse.  Thank goodness Dr Oz cleared this one up!  To read more about Dr Oz’s Cholesterol Supplements, click on the following link: Cholesterol Lowering Foods.

Dr Oz: Avoid Dirty Lemons at Restaurants

Dr Oz shared Restaurant Secrets to help us avoid potential health risks.  Did you know that you should avoid ordering fish on Mondays?  Never order lemons in your water, the lemons are dirty and can even have bacteria found in various body parts!  If you are going to eat at a buffet, make sure to get there early to avoid harmful bacteria.  And of course you want to order espresso instead of a cup of coffee, because espresso is generally made fresh to order.

Dr Oz: Foods You Should Never Order

If that previous segment did not gross you out enough, then you definitely need to read about the Meals You Should Never Order!  For example, pass on the specials of the day and any all you can eat deals.  Plus, did you know that restaurants often substitute pork for veal?  So that $9.99 veal parmigiana is quite likely made of pork… shame on you restaurant owners!

Dr Oz June 19 2012: In Case You Missed It

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 19 2012:

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