Golden Berries Belly Fat Plan & Dr Oz Noodle Pudding Recipe


Golden Berries

Dr Oz’s show on December 26, 2011 (the day after Christmas!) is called 5 Steps to Conquering Your 40+ Belly and gave a fabulous Belly Fat Plan that can help us to lose those extra inches around our middle.  One of the Fat Belly Blaster Foods that Doctor Oz mentioned is Golden Berries, which are actually a vegetable (despite their name) that come from Brazil.  And one of the best things about eating Golden Berries is that they can actually boost your metabolism.  Other foods that made Doctor Oz’s Belly Blaster Superfoods list include Miso and Sauerkraut.  You can read about the entire segment by clicking on the following link: Dr Oz Golden Berries.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Plan

Dr Oz came up with a 5 step Belly Fat Plan that is the perfect way to start off the new year on the “right foot.” Dr Oz December 26 2011  A few of my favorite take-aways from this show are Doctor Oz’s Fiber Pack and his Noodle Pudding Recipe.  Some of the foods that Dr Oz said are great to eat as snacks (due to their high fiber content) include Gnu Banana Walnut Bar, Kashi Go Lean, a small orange, and a single Metamucil Packet.  And while I typically think of Noodle Pudding as a sweet kugel, Dr Oz’s Noodle Pudding Recipe is a delicious breakfast dish made with whole wheat noodles, greek yogurt, and dried fruit.  For more details on Dr Oz’s Belly Fat Plan, click here: Dr Oz Belly Fat Plan.

Dr Oz: Purslane

Doctor Oz also spoke about some fabulous Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets from all over the world, such as Purslane,  Macadamia Nut Oil, and Noni Juice.  Purslane, for example, is a Turkish vegetable that is high in Vitamins A, C, E and the ever so popular CoQ10.  Dr Oz suggested eating it by mixing it together with garlic and yogurt, and your skin will be rejuvenated in no time!

Dr Oz December 26 2011

Click on the following links for recaps of everything that Dr Oz spoke about on his December 26, 2011 show:



  1. Crystal Allen says

    I’m a fifty -nine year old woman, I worked a high stressed job for the state for over thirty years. Before I took the position as a drug treatment administrator, which required more work. My husband had a stroke, and I it played apart on my poor health. I worked hard, during that 20 months; my belly weight gain has been upsetting to me and I have stepped down to maintain health,. I’m going to start eating the pudding and see where it takes me. I really enjoy your show, when I get a chance to watch it.

  2. Lisa says

    Great info. Golden Berries are also called Goose Berries. I can’t see why you would consider them a vegetable however as I thought since it produced seeds it’s a fruit. Similar to how a tomato is actually a fruit but that’s neither here or there.

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