How to Remove Chlorine From Your Hair & Oz Protein Recommendation


Dr Oz Recap May 17 2013

Dr. Oz started his show today by testing America’s Wackiest Health Trends and some of them work, but some are a total waste of money. Dr. Oz and his guests weighed in on Fecal Transplants, the new Purple-Colored Food Diet, and Vibrating Exercise Machines so you can decide which ones are worth your time and which ones you should avoid. Mary Roach joined Dr. Oz to answer crazy health questions, including whether your stomach can explode from eating too much and if a person can die from constipation. The answers to both might surprise you! You also do not want to miss Dr. Oz’s new protein eating recommendations because chances are you are not getting enough in your diet every day!

Dr Oz: Do Vibrating Exercise Machines Work & Purple Food Diet Review

How to Remove Chlorine From Your Hair & Oz Protein Recommendation

Dr Oz says you can remove the green color from your hair after swimming in a pool by dissolving 6-8 Aspirin in a glass of water and rubbing the mixture into your hair for 15 minutes!

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