Montel Williams Fountain of Youth: 3 Root Tea & Super Soup Recipe


Montel Williams Pain Remedies

The Dr Oz July 24 2012 show featured guest show regular Montel Williams.  Has Montel discovered the Fountain of Youth? He’ll explain his controversial methods while giving you tips on how to look and feel young with things like Three Root Tea.  Plus, find out how to make Ming’s Immunity Boosting Soup and how Willow Bark can improve your health!

Super Soup for Super Immunity

With the help of Author and Celebrity Chef, Ming TsaiDr Oz creates a delicious soup to help boost your immunity.  This Super Soup for Super Immunity, as they call it, is made by sauteing a jalapeno, ginger, garlic, scallions and shiitake mushrooms in grapeseed oil.  Then you add chicken stock, lemons, soy sauce, carrots and tofu.  So what do all of these ingredients do for you?  Well, here are just a few reasons that this Super Soup is so terrific for your health!  The seeds in the jalapeno pepper (which you actually leave in the soup!) contain capsaicin.  Ginger is a perfect ingredient to treat nausea.  Lemons, of course, are a great source of vitamin C.  And tofu is both low fat and rich in protein.  And those are just a few of the benefits you get from Ming’s Super Soup Recipe!  Click on the following link for the complete recipe: Ming Tsai’s Super Soup.


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