Nose Humidifier & Dr Oz HGH Human Growth Hormone Show

Dr Oz: HGH Human Growth Hormone

Dr Oz’s show on December 29 2011 covered the pros and cons of HGH Shots (or Human Growth Hormone Shots).  In case you have not heard of HGH, it is often used by people who are looking for the “Fountain of Youth,” however it can come with many (potentially dangerous) side effects such as joint pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, swelling, Heart Disease, Diabetes or even Cancer.  Some specialists told Doctor Oz that HGH Shots are completely safe, while others argued that they cause lots of medical problems.  What do you think?  Would you ever try Human Growth Hormone Shots?  Leave a comment below and share your opinion!  Click on the following link to read the full recap of what Doctor Oz said about HGH Shots.

Dr Oz: Nose Humidifiers

Doctor Oz has spoken about Neti Pots in the past (and on a personal note, I do not know how I ever existed before using my Neti Pot!!!). Dr Oz December 29 2011 The purpose of the Neti Pot is to clean out your sinuses, clear up congestion, and to thin out mucus in your nose.  But, if you have a dry or cracked nose, a Nose Humidifier might be a better option for you.

How To Quit Drinking Soda

Dr Oz also did a segment on How To Quit Soda.  He shared a bunch of great tips for how to kick the habit, but one of my favorite ideas was to replace soda with seltzer water.  You can even try flavoring the seltzer water with lemon, lime, or orange wedges.  You will still get the fizzy carbonation from the seltzer water, and the flavor from the fruit, but without all of the chemicals and empty calories that you find in soda.  Click on the following link to read about Dr Oz’s I Love NY Pizza Recipe and how to stop your Soda Addiction.

Dr Oz December 29 2011

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from December 29 2011:



  1. says

    I heard those neti pots were dangerous some one said on the news i don’t use them though anyway, was wondering if you heard of it judy

  2. Cammie says

    The article I read was warning against using unsterilized water in the neti pot
    It said the water should be boiled water or purchased distilled water.

  3. Cammie says

    I have listened to this segment online-twice to try to hear what Dr. Oz actually said about a nose humidifier. Unless they have cut out a segment of this segment, I could not hear him say anything about a nose humidifier. I personally, have come to the conclusion, because I did not hear him say anything about a nose humidifier and one cannot be located on the web, that there is no such thing as a nose humidifier. I hope I am proven wrong. It sounds like a good idea.

  4. Paula says

    The Neti Pot works so well. Since I started using it two years ago, I never have sinus problems and have not had to use anti-biotics again. It doesn’t matter what brand you get; any pharmacy has them and they are under $10. You don’t have to use sterilized water; the instructions state to use regular tap water the same temperature as your body. It feels strange at first, but you’ll get used to it and it is highly recommended.

  5. corine says

    12/29/11 show talked about HGH. Dr. Oz spoke of a natural supplement. What was the name of this item. I thought it started with an L’D. Not sure, Thanks

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