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Dr. Oz January 5, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode in store for us on January 5, 2015, when he unveiled his Total 10 Weight Loss Plan, a plan he has been working on for a year. It’s a great way to shed the pounds. Plus, he told us how to prevent winter allergies, […]

Dr Oz January 2 2014 Dr Oz had plenty of tips for the new year on January 2. First, he went shopping to expose supermarket tricks. Later, he shared advice about immunity boosters for kids and whether you could reverse lactose intolerance. Finally, he talked with a man who had a solution for chronic yo-yo dieters. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz January 1 2015 Happy New Year! Dr Oz kicked off 2015 with the Total Body Restart, which could be just the thing you need as we begin another calendar year. Plus, learn lessons from the dead and keep your teeth safe from grinding damage. Finally, resolve to eat more fish with a Broiled Sardines Recipe. Dr Oz: Total Body […]

Dr Oz December 31 2014 Dr Oz shared some health tips and kitchen recommendations to wrap up the year on the December 31 show. Learn what to watch for when it comes to your Thyroid or Heart Palpitations. Plus, take control of nutrition with healthy ideas for White Bean Dip with garlic and advice about cranberries. Dr Oz: 4 […]

Dr Oz December 30 2014 Dr Oz invited plenty of experts to share their thoughts on the December 30 episode. Learn about the power of prayer, find out how to cut out sugar, and get a game plan for the grocery store with these stories from this show. Dr Oz: Best Time To Eat Dairy on 14-Day […]

Dr Oz December 29 2014 Dr Oz shared some diverse diet strategies on the December 29 episode. First, he talked about how the New Gluten Diagnosis is helping patients who have been on a long search for answers. Dr Joel Fuhrman offered a diet program for those with chronic headaches. Dr Oz shared tips to find more energy […]

Dr Oz December 26 2014 Dr Oz spoke with Sam Champion about winter weather challenges on the December 26 episode. Plus, John Walsh talked about the search for missing children. Meanwhile, real people got appetite solutions for all-day cravings and pine nuts in late night snacks. Dr Oz: Sam Champion’s Winter Survival Guide Winter is here. Are you prepared? […]

Dr Oz December 25 2014 On Christmas Day, Dr Oz shared an episode that dealt with concepts of death and love. Plus, his advice covered odd-numbered Omegas, how to manage a coffee addiction, and the superfoods you want on your shopping list. Dr Oz: Death Travelers & Love Energy Dr Oz met with Judy Bachrach, the author […]

Dr Oz December 24 2014 Dr Oz shared an encore episode on December 24, featuring a conversation with Robin Roberts about fighting the challenges you face. Plus, learn about healthy alternatives to artificial sweeteners, stock up on pantry essentials, and get inspired by The Sparkle Effect. Dr Oz: Robin Roberts Bone Marrow & Positivity Did you know […]

Dr. Oz December 22, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on December 22, 2014, talking about the secrets of skinny people, whether you should take a stain, how to reduce hair loss, and how to do a breast self-exam. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Skinny Secrets & How To Eat Less Dr. Oz […]

Dr. Oz December 19, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 19, 2014, talking to Oprah Winfrey about her new movie Selma and whether fibromyalgia is caused by a sleep disorder. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Oprah Winfrey Selma, Maya Angelou’s Passing & Health Epiphany Oprah Winfrey came by Dr. Oz to talk […]

Dr. Oz December 18, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 18, 2014, talking to actress Jennifer Aniston about her new movie Cake and unveiling the top three health breakthroughs of 2014. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Jennifer Aniston Cake, Dealing with Chronic Pain & Painkillers Actress Jennifer Aniston came by Dr. Oz to […]

Dr. Oz December 17, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 17, 2014, talking to several people who learned about how to change their health for the better from Dr. Oz and his show, including a woman who caught her ovarian cancer and a woman who realized she’d had a heart attack from […]

Dr. Oz December 16, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on December 16, 2014, talking about a low sugar diet, whether thyroid cancer is overdiagnosed, great low fat flavor boosters, and a couple who are dealing with a devastating cancer diagnosis. He also talked to guru Tony Robbins. Check it out below! Dr. […]

Dr. Oz December 15, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode for us on December 15, 2014, talking to Lisa Vanderpump about her beauty secrets and a woman with an addiction to supplements. Dr. Oz also discussed how to prevent heartburn, why vitamin D is good for chronic pain and depression, and a brand […]

Dr. Oz December 12, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 12, 2014, talking about the Paleo Diet, Norman Lear’s new memoir, how relieve gas pain, and 10 Second Solutions to get rid of colds. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Does the Paleo Diet Relieve Pain? Sleeping Positions for Back Pain Dr. […]

Dr. Oz December 11, 2014 Preview Dr. Oz had a great episode December 11, 2014, talking about his Anti-Aging Plan and how to reset your health. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Plan, Lean Muscle Prevents Disease & Get Vitamin D It’s critical to get your Vitamin D to prevent the aging process. Dr. […]

Dr. Oz December 10, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 10, 2014, talking to The Little Couple stars Ben Klein and Jen Arnold and the Man with the Golden Voice Ted Williams. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Antidepressant Addiction & Who Should Diagnose Depression? Are doctors over-prescribing antidepressants? Dr. Oz […]

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