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Dr Oz Recap August 5 2014 Dr Oz shared some news and advice that can help you at home, while shopping, and during your daily routine on the August 5 show. Find out where to look for Sweetmyx and how to find it in products you use. Then, get tips to prevent a blood clot. Later, […]

Dr Oz August 4 2014 Get The Truth About Protein from Dr Oz’s August 4 episode, plus the factors to consider when choosing a protein bar. Why does an Aneurysm make a popping sound? How can you turn baking soda into DIY homemade beauty products? Dr Oz: Protein Serving Size & Truth About Protein Do you know what […]

Dr Oz Recap August 1 2014 Dr Oz shared practical advice on the August 1 show. Don’t hold in your pee, for starters. One brave woman was a living example of this when she found herself in an unfortunate situation. Later, upgrade your lunch order, evaluate your breast pain, and check your lip balm habit. Dr […]

Dr Oz Recap July 31 2014 Dr Oz debunked Myths Your Gyno Believes and shared how your urine can give you clues about your health during the July 31 episode. Find out how to make a new Green Drink Recipe and download cool health apps as well! Dr Oz: Myths Your Gyno Believes Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz Recap July 30 2014 Dr Oz talked with Diane Keaton on the July 30 show. This hour also included information on Gluten and your risk for Alzheimer’s. Plus, learn what to do if you have hives unexpectedly. Dr Oz: Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery? Raising Teens Diane Keaton has been endearing herself to movie audiences […]

Dr Oz July 29 2014 The July 29 Dr Oz show had picnic-friendly ideas, summer iced tea, and plenty of beauty advice for warm weather. Check out information from guests including Tabatha Coffey and Debbie Matenopoulos. Dr Oz: Dirty Gazpacho Recipe & Beer-Marinated Top Sirloin Steak Dr Oz shared his summer picnic and BBQ cheats, such […]

Dr Oz Recap July 28 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by issuing a serious health warning aboutMRSA and how the superbug could be invading your home without you even knowing it. Find out what to look for and how to protect your family from a harmful infection. Next, learn about how Melatonin could be […]

Dr Oz Recap July 25 2014 Dr Oz explored the psychological symptoms of food sensitivity on the July 25 episode. This hour also shared a Cabbage Steaks Recipe and updates on the two-week rapid weight loss plan that fans have embraced. See what else was included during Friday’s episode. Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Psychological Symptoms Beyond the physical consequences, a Food […]

Dr Oz Recap July 24 2014 Dr Oz talked about the serious concern in women’s health around Fibroids on the July 24 episode. Plus, get some information about Coffee Enemas, Carb Cycling, and how to become empowered to take control of your life by changing the way you make decisions. Dr Oz: Am I At Risk for […]

Dr Oz Recap July 23 2014 Dr. Oz started this episode by sharing a few ways to get rid of cellulite treatments and it might be easier than you think! Plus, get his tips for choosing a healthy organic energy drink and learn what you need to know before making another appointment at the salon. Finally, […]

Dr Oz Recap July 22 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with his friend Dr. Andrew Weil to set the record straight on hot health topics that concern you the most. Learn what to look for when choosing a safe sunscreen for your family and get Dr. Weil’s summer weight loss tip […]

Dr Oz Recap July 21 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing his longevity checklist that includes tips to help you live to 100 years old and feel good while doing it. Find out how taking a nap every day reduces stress and learn why Dr. Oz recommends taking a Vitamin D supplement every […]

Dr Oz Recap July 18 2014 Find out why you get coffee jitters from Dr Oz on the July 18 show. This hour also featured insights from Steven Tyler about addiction and recovery. Find out what he had to say and get more health tips you can use. Dr Oz: What Addiction Cost Steven Tyler Steven […]

Dr Oz Recap July 17 2014 Are you concerned about heavy metals in your foods? Dr Oz thinks maybe you should be. Find out why from the July 17 show. Plus, get health tips about razor burn, make your own Rhubarb Vodka Mouthwash, and sleep easier than ever before. Dr Oz: Heavy Metals Found in Foods? […]

Dr Oz Recap July 16 2014 Dr Oz had an informative and eye-opening show about sleep medication on July 16. Learn more about the buzz surrounding the popular sleeping pill Ambien. You may have heard the stories, but did you know that the dosage for women could be very wrong? Find out more about this, as well as what […]

Dr Oz Recap July 15 2014 Dr. Oz opened this episode by talking to Whoopi Goldberg about her recent health changes and what motivated her to kick her smoking habit after five decades! Also, Dr. Oz demonstrates how to do the Self-Heimlich Maneuver if you are by yourself and begin to choke. Next, find out what three small things Dr. […]

Dr Oz Recap July 14 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing tips to defy your age, including a homemade face mask and age spot treatment. Plus, find out why you should never let your dog sleep in your bed and learn why bright lights will cause you to overeat, especially at a fast […]

Dr Oz Recap July 11 2014 Dr Oz had some eye-opening news on the July 11 show, explaining how your shopping cart could be dirtier than a toilet. Plus, learn what gray hair could be trying to tell you about your health and why Fenugreek might be a good addition to your grocery list. Dr Oz: Shopping Cart […]