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Dr Oz Recap July 16 2014 Dr Oz had an informative and eye-opening show about sleep medication on July 16. Learn more about the buzz surrounding the popular sleeping pill Ambien. You may have heard the stories, but did you know that the dosage for women could be very wrong? Find out more about this, as well as what […]

Dr Oz Recap July 15 2014 Dr. Oz opened this episode by talking to Whoopi Goldberg about her recent health changes and what motivated her to kick her smoking habit after five decades! Also, Dr. Oz demonstrates how to do the Self-Heimlich Maneuver if you are by yourself and begin to choke. Next, find out what three small things Dr. […]

Dr Oz Recap July 14 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing tips to defy your age, including a homemade face mask and age spot treatment. Plus, find out why you should never let your dog sleep in your bed and learn why bright lights will cause you to overeat, especially at a fast […]

Dr Oz Recap July 11 2014 Dr Oz had some eye-opening news on the July 11 show, explaining how your shopping cart could be dirtier than a toilet. Plus, learn what gray hair could be trying to tell you about your health and why Fenugreek might be a good addition to your grocery list. Dr Oz: Shopping Cart […]

Dr Oz Recap July 10 2014 Dr Oz shared the benefits and provocative claims of The Wheat Belly Diet on his July 10 episode. Find out what you think about these and whether they might make sense if you are considering changing your meal routine. Later, try the Energy Self-Test that you can administer at home. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz Recap July 9 2014 Dr. Oz began this episode by having a conversation with Haylie Pomroy about The Fast Metabolism Diet and how some foods can rev your metabolism to help your body melt fat and shed pounds. Get a list of foods that are ideal for boosting metabolism based on your body type and learn natural cures for […]

Dr Oz Recap July 8 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by pulling back the curtain and revealing the eye-opening truth about the chicken industry, including tips to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Next, find out ifhome DNA tests actually work and learn which shaving mistakes could be causing nicks and razor […]

Dr Oz Recap July 7 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by busting summer health myths. Find out if peeing on a jellyfish sting really stops the pain and learn the best way to prevent mosquito bites. Next, get tips to pick safe herbal supplements, including what to avoid and what to look for on […]

Dr Oz Recap July 4 2014 Happy 4th of July! Dr Oz shared an all-American dessert on this show. Find out how to make his No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. But first, declare your independence from feeling run down and exhausted when you try his tips like stress-fighting herbs and a prebiotic shake. Dr Oz: Prebiotic Shake Recipe + […]

Dr Oz Recap July 3 2014 Dr Oz met with Glee‘s Lea Michele on the July 3 episode to talk about her health and beauty habits. He also covered topics related to allergies and nutrition. Then it was on to beauty, with the best remedies so you don’t have to hide your legs or be embarrassed. Also, discover […]

Dr Oz Recap July 2 2014 Dr Oz’s thoughts about the new drug Zohydro have some chronic pain patients up in arms. Find out why he is concerned about the risk for overdose. Also from the July 2 episode, learn about Heroin addiction. Then, discover how you can manage your own hair at home and the […]

Dr Oz Recap July 1 2014 Dr Oz shared a guide to safely storing and consuming perishable foods on his July 1 episode. Also, Judge Judy shared her health and relationship advice. This show included information about Reflexology, Sciatic Nerve Pain, and counting calories. Read about everything discussed by Dr Oz. Dr Oz: Judge Judy Colonoscopy + […]

Dr Oz Recap June 12 2014 Dr Oz met with reality TV star NeNe Leakes on the June 12 episode, when she shared her alarming story of a medical emergency that turned out to be a Pulmonary Embolism from a Blood Clot. What can you do to prevent this from happening to you? Also, if you are […]

Dr Oz June 11 2014 Learn the five hidden Gluten Allergy signs featured on Dr Oz’s episode from June 11. See how you can tweak your diet so you feel better. Then, figure out whether your favorite brand of protein powder is good for you or not. Plus, Dr Oz shared advice on the right ways to […]

Dr Oz Recap June 9 2014 Dr. Oz began this episode by discussing detox cleanses and the best one for your body type. Find out how to figure out your body type and see if a Vegan Cleanse is better for you than a Gut Flush to detox and shed a few pounds. Next, learn why fermented foods are healthy, like how […]

Dr Oz Recap June 6 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s super spectacular health fair show by talking about how walnuts and fish are good for your skin and why drinking red wine is a good libido booster. Next, he shared how eating raw garlic every day can boost your immune system can keep you from […]

Dr Oz Recap May 29 2014 Dr. Oz kicked off this episode by debunking diet myths you most likely believe to be true. Learn if becoming a vegetarian will help you shed pounds and see if eating in the evening causes weight gain. Next, Dr. Oz speaks to a woman whose cosmetic surgeries landed her in the Guinness Book […]

Dr Oz Recap May 28 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by explaining how to tell the difference between heartburn and heart attack symptoms because it could literally save your life! Next, find out what causes hemorrhoids and learn the best way to treat a yeast infection at home. Plus, get tips to embrace your […]