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Dr Oz Recap August 19 2014 Dr Oz uncovered some shopping secrets and supermarket mysteries on the August 19 episode. Find out about the tricks they are using to keep you in the aisles. Then, he told us why Farro is a great protein source to add to your family’s shopping list. Later, he offered suggestions for […]

Dr Oz Recap August 18 2014 Dr Oz exposed some more Health Myths Busted on the August 18 episode. Get your personalized Birth Order health diagnosis and learn how to take care of your skin no matter what the weather may bring. Plus, Chris Powell shared a five-minute workout for your muscles. Dr Oz: Health Myths Busted & […]

Dr Oz Recap August 15 2014 Dr Oz had an informative show on August 15, talking about ways to boost your energy that could be as simple as adding butter to your breakfast. Plus, get some Shark Tank-style ideas for DIY home products, like deodorant. Later, test yourself for an irregular heartbeat and get more tips. Dr Oz: What is […]

Dr Oz Recap August 14 2014 Longtime radio personality Robin Quivers visited Dr Oz to talk about her vegan diet and triumph over cancer in the August 14 episode. Plus, get answers to questions all about aspirin and find out how parsley can target water retention. Here’s what you missed! Dr Oz: Robin Quivers Cancer Battle Robin […]

Dr Oz August 13 2014 Take the 28 Day Soda-Free Challenge with Dr Oz starting on August 13. Give it a try after you learn some compelling reasons to kick the habit. Plus, do you know the difference between food poisoning vs flu? Then, get Rosacea home remedies from Dr Oz. Dr Oz: 28 Day Soda-Free Challenge […]

Dr Oz Recap August 12 2014 Dr Oz shared some practical health advice you can put to use on his August 12 episode. Learn more about the Sleep Apnea Choke Test to determine your own risk. Plus, could you be prone to Hypothyroidism? Learn about the supplement or food ingredient that could help you turn that around. Also, it’s […]

Dr Oz August 11 2014 Dr Oz invited weather anchor Al Roker from Today Show to talk about weather and health connections on the August 11 episode. Plus, he discussed the possible culprits behind a chronic cough, and warnings about Proton Pump Inhibitors and supplement shopping. Learn more from this episode. Dr Oz: Al Roker Weather Health Connection What’s the […]

Dr Oz Recap August 8 2014 Dr Oz explored the differences between Heartburn and Heart Attack on the August 8 episode. Also get some advice about natural hair care, hemorrhoids, and yeast infections that could save you an office visit. Then, get answers about SPF and protecting your skin from the sun. Dr Oz: Is It Heartburn […]

Dr Oz Recap August 7 2014 Is Wi-Fi bad for your health? Dr Oz and Dr Andrew Weil looked at wireless internet and other modern conveniences on the August 7 show. Plus, find out how to curb your people-pleasing tendencies and what you can do to de-stress. Dr Oz: Is Wi-Fi Bad for Your Health? Dr […]

Dr Oz Recap August 6 2014 Dr Oz talked about curing your exhaustion by taking a nap on the August 6 show. Plus, get warnings about diet soda and ovarian cysts. Later, he looked at clean eating in The Start Here Diet and showed some smoothie recipes. Dr Oz: Taking a Nap Cures Exhaustion Sometimes when you are […]

Dr Oz Recap August 5 2014 Dr Oz shared some news and advice that can help you at home, while shopping, and during your daily routine on the August 5 show. Find out where to look for Sweetmyx and how to find it in products you use. Then, get tips to prevent a blood clot. Later, […]

Dr Oz August 4 2014 Get The Truth About Protein from Dr Oz’s August 4 episode, plus the factors to consider when choosing a protein bar. Why does an Aneurysm make a popping sound? How can you turn baking soda into DIY homemade beauty products? Dr Oz: Protein Serving Size & Truth About Protein Do you know what […]

Dr Oz Recap August 1 2014 Dr Oz shared practical advice on the August 1 show. Don’t hold in your pee, for starters. One brave woman was a living example of this when she found herself in an unfortunate situation. Later, upgrade your lunch order, evaluate your breast pain, and check your lip balm habit. Dr […]

Dr Oz Recap July 31 2014 Dr Oz debunked Myths Your Gyno Believes and shared how your urine can give you clues about your health during the July 31 episode. Find out how to make a new Green Drink Recipe and download cool health apps as well! Dr Oz: Myths Your Gyno Believes Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz Recap July 30 2014 Dr Oz talked with Diane Keaton on the July 30 show. This hour also included information on Gluten and your risk for Alzheimer’s. Plus, learn what to do if you have hives unexpectedly. Dr Oz: Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery? Raising Teens Diane Keaton has been endearing herself to movie audiences […]

Dr Oz July 29 2014 The July 29 Dr Oz show had picnic-friendly ideas, summer iced tea, and plenty of beauty advice for warm weather. Check out information from guests including Tabatha Coffey and Debbie Matenopoulos. Dr Oz: Dirty Gazpacho Recipe & Beer-Marinated Top Sirloin Steak Dr Oz shared his summer picnic and BBQ cheats, such […]

Dr Oz Recap July 28 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by issuing a serious health warning aboutMRSA and how the superbug could be invading your home without you even knowing it. Find out what to look for and how to protect your family from a harmful infection. Next, learn about how Melatonin could be […]

Dr Oz Recap July 25 2014 Dr Oz explored the psychological symptoms of food sensitivity on the July 25 episode. This hour also shared a Cabbage Steaks Recipe and updates on the two-week rapid weight loss plan that fans have embraced. See what else was included during Friday’s episode. Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Psychological Symptoms Beyond the physical consequences, a Food […]

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