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Dr Oz Recap March 20 2014 The entire month of January was dedicated to YOU and that is why Dr. Oz renamed it “JanYOUary”! He started the month by discussing the most popular new year’s resolution, which is to lose weight, with his Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet! Find out what foods to eliminate and which ones […]

Dr Oz Recap March 19 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by discussing the dangerous of taking megadoses of antioxidant supplements. Find out how to get antioxidants in your diet and learn Dr. Oz’s safe dosing guidelines for supplements. Next, Dr. Oz talks about how women can achieve more pleasure in the bedroom by getting […]

Dr Oz Recap March 18 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by discussing the important topic of food addiction and providing a 3-step plan to break the cycle end your dependency once and for all. Next, find out how your food cravings could be due to a hormonal imbalance and learn how to reset your […]

Dr Oz Recap March 17 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to weatherman about his recent diagnosis with high blood pressure and cholesterol. They talked about how a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to both health problems, as well as many others, and shared the best way to get in the daily recommendation […]

Dr Oz Recap March 14 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by revealing foods that can protect your heart and in some cases they work even better than statin drugs! Find out how adding apples, beet greens, and garlic to your diet can prevent heart disease and end your need for pills. Next, Dr. Oz […]

Dr Oz Recap March 13 2014 Dr Oz shared his Magnesium Migrane Remedy and other health tips from the March 13 episode that mean you won’t have to take more pills. Plus, get advice for avoiding hidden caffeine dangers so you can sleep easy at bedtime, and snack on a homemade energy bars recipe when […]

Dr Oz March 12 2014 Dr Oz shared the truth about Greek Yogurt protein and the serving sizes for many other varieties on his March 12 show, which also featured Protein Bar brand reviews and other advice. Check out information about aneurysms and personal care as well. Dr Oz Truth About Protein: Nuts, Legumes + […]

Dr Oz Recap March 11 2014 Is stress causing your breakouts? Could holistic remedies be the cure you didn’t know you needed? Dr Oz and guest Bryce Wylde shared their latest findings and advice during the March 11 episode. Here’s what you need to know, plus the health food tricks to watch for at your […]

Dr Oz Recap March 10 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sounding the alarm on artificial sweeteners and the new risks they could pose to your health, including weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Next, Dr. Oz discusses generic drugs vs name brands and the truth about which ones are actually better. Also, learn a […]

Dr Oz Recap March 7 2014 Dr. Oz began this episode with five natural cures for your biggest health complaints, like drinking ginger tea for an upset stomach and doing yoga to reduce stress. Next, find out which OTC medications contain hidden amounts of salt and should not be in your medicine cabinet, particularly if you have high […]

Dr Oz Recap March 6 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking about the dangerous new trend of smoking alcohol, which promises to give you a buzz without a hangover or weight gain, but is it worth the risk? Find out why Dr. Oz is concerned smoking alcohol could lead to alcohol poisoning or addiction. […]

Dr Oz Recap March 5 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with medical experts to discuss the toxic foods they would never feed their families. Learn why you should always purchase organic potatoes and find out how canned foods can lead to problems with infertility. Next, Dr. Oz discusses how to know […]

Dr Oz Recap March 4 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing the 5 things happy people do that you should, too! He explained why taking social media breaks is good for your happiness and challenged you to give out one compliment every single day to boost your Serotonin. Next, Dr. Oz issued a […]

Dr Oz Recap March 3 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing his 7-day anti-aging plan to boost your energy and leave you looking and feeling younger than ever before. Find out how drinking Ginger Tea eases stress and learn how to use coconut oil to nourish your body from the inside out. Next, […]

Dr Oz Recap February 28 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with the stars of TLC’s The Little Couple to discuss their recent scare with cancer. Jen Arnold is doing fine now, but she tells Dr. Oz about the frightening diagnosis and shares why she chose a children’s hospital for her care […]

Dr Oz Recap February 27 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with investigative reporter Michael Moss to discuss how the food industry is using fat to keep you addicted to unhealthy foods. Learn how to shop smarter and find out how to avoid too much saturated fat in your diet. Next, Dr. […]

Dr Oz Recap February 26 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by revealing the things you really need to worry about as well as the things that are actually not hazardous to your health. He explained why antibiotics are not effective for treating viral infections and revealed the dirtiest area of a public restroom, which […]

Dr Oz Recap February 25 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by discussing a topic that hit a little close to home for his family. He talked to the author of a book that provides advice for achieving a thigh gap, but at what cost? Learn why Dr. Oz is concerned and find out how […]