Popped Chickpeas, Bedtime Beer & Carob Chips on Dr Oz Diet Myths Show


Dr Oz Diet Myths Exposed

Dr Oz’s Show on August 13, 2012 exposes Diet Myths and brings the truth to all of us who are trying to lose weight.  Doctor Oz spoke about Carob Chips and Popped Chickpeas as health snack alternatives.  Plus, Lemon Balm Tea and Bedtime Beer could be the secrets to some of the most surprising health problems!  There is even a Lemon Grass Oil Mosquito Repellent which is perfect for this time of the year (I don’t know about you, but I spent some time outside yesterday and was nearly eaten alive by the mosquitoes!).



  1. Kris says

    Can you please give us the exact recipe for the bedtime beer? How much hops, club soda, OJ is necessary to make this?


  2. says

    Please post the directions and article on using ice cubes, hot socks & rice for feet to get a better nights sleep. I missed the how to on Rachael Ray’s show with Dr. Oz today. Thank you.

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