Wild Lettuce Extract Sleep Remedy & Dr Oz Yogurt Chicken for Under $10


Dr Oz: Wild Lettuce Extract

Dr Oz’s Show on July 11, 2012 features the Dr Oz Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy.  He spoke about remedies like Cupuacu Supplements, Kukicha Tea, Cocoawell Supplements and Wild Lettuce Extract.  Plus, do you know which foods are important to buy in the organic section?  Doctor Oz gave a list of Foods to Buy Organic and addressed the controversy of Arsenic in Brown Rice Syrup.  But one of the areas that seemed to be a big hit among Dr Oz’s fans was the Wild Lettuce Extract, which is a natural remedy to help you get a good night’s sleep.  Wild Lettuce Extract (sometimes referred to as Lettuce Opium) comes from the sea, even though it sounds like it should come from a green head of lettuce that we use in our salads.  The wild lettuce extract actually comes from the stem of the plant and it can help you to fall asleep due to its sedative nature.  Dr Oz suggested taking 30 mg of Wild Lettuce Extract before going to bed.


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