Y Lift Reviews, Dr Oz Booster Foods & Goldie Hawn Depression

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Y Lift Reviews, Dr Oz Booster Foods & Goldie Hawn Depression

By on June 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Y Lift Review

Dr Oz’s Show on June 14, 2012 will cover the famous Y Lift Facelift, a list of Dr Oz’s Booster Foods (including Dr Dow’s Booster Pizza Recipe!), an interview about Goldie Hawn’s Depression and her 10 Mindful Minutes approach.  So why start with the Y Lift Review?  Because so many of you wrote to me asking for more information!  The Y Lift is sometimes called the Lunchtime Facelift, because it can be done quickly.  And if you are worried about looking like a person who has had a facelift, this seems to be a much more natural looking option (which is fabulous in my book!).  Dr Yan Trokel does Y Facelifts, but other doctors do them as well.  Have you had one done?  Where can you get a Y Facelift done?  And what was your personal experience and review?  We would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below with your feedback!

Y Lift Reviews

Dr Oz spoke about the Y Lift Lunchtime Facelift and reviews of the procedure!

Dr Oz Booster Foods

Dr Oz shared a list of his favorite Booster Foods that will help to keep you full, which is all part of the Dr Oz 28 Day Plan to Stop Food Cravings.  Here is a sneak peak at Dr Oz’s list of Booster Foods:

– Almond milk
– Broccoli
– Greek yogurt
– Soba noodles
– Buffalo
– Quinoa

Plus, checkout Dr Oz’s Booster Pizza Recipe, which can help you lose well while satisfying your cravings for pizza.

Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn Depression

The main segment on Dr Oz’s June 14, 2012 show is about Goldie Hawn’s Depression.  She will reveal her secrets for Staying Young & Fighting Depression.  If you have ever battled depression (or are currently battling depression), leave a comment below with your advice and whether or not what Goldie Hawn told Doctor Oz is helpful to you or not.

Goldie Hawn: 10 Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn will also share with Dr Oz what she calls 10 Mindful Minutes to help minimize stress and improve your memory.  I love all of this holistic healthy options for improving our health.  Below is a quick recap of Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes, but you can read the details for the whole thing by clicking here.

1. Take Brain Breaks

2. Do a Jellybean Test

3.  Take 10 Mindful Minutes and read Goldie’s Book!

Dr Oz June 14 2012: In Case You Missed It

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 14 2012:

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Comments to Y Lift Reviews, Dr Oz Booster Foods & Goldie Hawn Depression

  1. am thinking about the Y lift, but can l get this done in ALberta Canada or just the USA, also how much?

  2. Dr Trokel mentioned that he is training other doctors in this procedure, but it’s unclear from his website whether it is available in Canada. I also can’t find a verifiable cost, so if anyone else knows that information, I’m sure others are looking for it as well.

  3. Rosalie Levine says:

    I saw this on the show. I would like to know if there is anyone anywhere in Florida who does it. Otherwise I wil happily go to NYC to have it done !

  4. Rosalie Levine says:

    I would also like to find out what filler he uses. Thanks

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