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Dr. Oz: Kris Jenner Coping With Stress Kris Jenner came by Dr. Oz to talk about how she handles all the rumors and gossip as matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kris said that everyone is a critic and there’s a lot of rumors surrounding her kids. She tried her best to give them a good […]

Dr. Oz: Kris Jenner Cookbook Kris Jenner came by Dr. Oz to show off some recipes from her new cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris. These recipes were the ones Dr. Oz picked as “favorite food cure-alls”. These recipes are delicious and full of great nutrients. Kris Jenner’s Spicy Tomato Salsa recipe and her Pasta Primavera recipe were […]

Dr. Oz: Chef Jennifer Stack Eat Better To Feel Better Chef Jennifer Stack, associate professor at the Culinary Institute and author of The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen, came by Dr. Oz to whip up a great recipe. Her mission was to show how well-cooked, healthy food can be delicious. If it’s not delicious, you’re not going to want […]

Dr. Oz: Chef Mario Batali’s New Cookbook Farm to Table Chef Mario Batali came by Dr. Oz to share some great recipes and talk about his new cookbook Farm to Table. Mario Batali said that it’s important people seek out great veggies from their local farmer’s market and then find recipes, rather than looking for ingredients to […]

Dr. Oz: Mario Batali Farm to Table Review Chef Mario Batali came on Dr. Oz to talk about his new Farm to Table cookbook and to make some great recipes, including a delicious Carrot Frittelle recipe. Mario said that you could take any fresh vegetable and slice it really fine with a knife or a grater, mix […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Entertaining with Martina McBride Musician Martina McBride also loves to cook, and she is sharing that passion with everyone, including Dr Oz. Check out her DIY Mimosa Bar, Guacamole Recipe, and more. Dr Oz: Martina McBride Around the Table Review McBride, an advocate for women’s heart health, even recorded a song about […]

Dr Oz: At Home with Andy Weil Dr Oz is bringing healthy back in season six of his talk show. He kicked off a new “At Home” series by profiling integrative medicine pioneer Dr Andrew Weil, a frequent guest of the show. Dr Oz: Andy Weil Cortes Island Weil welcomed Dr Oz’s cameras to his […]

Dr Oz: Debbie Matenopoulos Recipes Debbie Matenopoulos, former co-host of The View and now cookbook author of It’s All Greek To Me, visited Dr Oz to cook up some Greek Yogurt Spaghetti and a Lemony Chicken Recipe. Dr Oz: It’s All Greek To Me Review It’s All Greek To Me includes century-old recipes that have […]

Dr Oz: Best New Greek Recipes To Whittle Your Waist Dr Oz said that there is an ages-old Mediterranean rivalry over whether Turkish or Greek food is better. Dr Oz voted for Turkish food, but he invited cookbook author Debbie Matenopoulos to be on his show anyway. She prepared her Greek Lemony Chicken Recipe and […]

Dr Oz: Iced Teas To Jumpstart Your Metabolism Dr Oz shared a refreshing way you can jumpstart your metabolism this summer: iced tea. Learn how to make a variety of fresh, healthy options you can enjoy, from Iced White Tea to Iced Turmeric Tea. Viewer Amy joined Dr Oz because she loves iced tea. She […]

Dr Oz: Farro vs Brown Rice Dr. Oz says carbs are probably the most misunderstood food out there, so today he has one healthy carb he wants you to eat more often and even though it looks like rice, it is actually packed with more protein and loaded with nutrients. Dr Oz: How Much Protein […]

Dr Oz: Cheap Diet Foods Dr. Oz says one of the biggest complaints he hears is that diet foods are too expensive, which is why many people find it difficult to eat healthy. He is determined to change your mind so he sent his medical team out with a $20 bill and a goal of […]

Dr Oz: The VB6 Cookbook If Dr. Oz said you could eat everything you wanted after 6 p.m. and still lose weight would you believe him? Today is your chance to meet the man who says it is possible because he has lost 30 pounds in 6 months without ever feeling deprived! Dr Oz: Tofu […]

Dr Oz: Low-Carb Breads to Lose Weight Dr. Oz says research shows one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight is with a low-carb diet, but the biggest challenge for many people is giving up bread. Today Dr. Oz changes all that with low-carb bread options that will help you lose weight […]

Dr Oz: 5-Minute Meal Ideas Dr. Oz says adding more protein to your diet is one of the easiest ways to stay fuller longer, lose weight, even out blood sugar and boost energy so he shared some super easy 5-minute meals that are packed with protein to also help you build lean muscle. Grab a […]

Dr Oz: Mini Frittata Recipe Does your breakfast weigh you down instead of give you an energy boost to start your day? If so, Dr. Oz’s best breakfasts to give you more energy in the morning could be the solutions you have been waiting for to start your day off on the right foot! Dr […]

Dr Oz: 5-Minute Health Payoffs Dr Oz shared some five-minute health payoffs on his show. Kelsey Nixon, author of Kitchen Confidence, cooked her Asian Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe that is easy to throw together in just a few minutes. But first, a beauty expert shared her secrets to youthful eyebrows. Dr Oz: Fast Eyebrow Lift […]

Dr Oz: Infused Water for Your Biggest Complaints We all know that water is good for us, but sometimes it can be boring. Dr Oz took note of the Infused Water craze that is popular online and invited health and wellness coach Carron Coleman, The Holistic Honey, to share her best ideas with Dr Oz’s […]