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Dr. Oz: Best Health Trends of 2014 Dr. Oz wanted to celebrate 2014 and so he counted down the biggest and best in health this year, from trends to medical advancements to diets. Dr. Oz: Bar-Themed Workouts This year, the biggest workout sensation was bar-themed workouts, which borrowed the bar from ballet. This technique combined […]

Dr. Oz: Chef Jacques Torres Famous culinary legend Chef Jacques Torres came by Dr. Oz to judge the dark chocolate creations of Dr. Oz’s fans, including a Dark Chocolate and Banana Crepe recipe, a Dark Chocolate Whopper recipe, and a Dark Chocolate Bark recipe. Ultimately, Jacques Torres chose the Dark Chocolate Bark recipe as the winner, […]

Dr. Oz: Tomato Sauce Made with Onions and Carrots Recipe Dr. Oz wanted to help us satisfy our sweet tooth without sugar. He challenged viewers to share their best sugar substitutes. Maggie, one of the viewers, shared her recipe for Tomato Sauce. Instead of sugar, she uses carrots and onions in her tomato sauce. She […]

Dr. Oz: Soup Detox Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about a new way to detox: souping. Studies show that consuming soup is a healthy and effective strategy for weight loss, because soup makes you feel more full, so you take in fewer calories and are less likely to gain weight. Soup is […]

Dr. Oz: Comfort Foods Dr. Oz wanted to show us some healthy comfort foods on his show, so he asked three women to share their comfort food recipes that actually help burn fat. First up was Jessica, who provided her Spicy Turkey Chili recipe. She said this recipe is easy and it’s freezable so she […]

Dr. Oz: Comfort Foods Dr. Oz wanted to show us some healthy comfort foods on his show, so he asked three women to share their comfort food recipes that actually help burn fat. Dina brought her Sweet Potato Casserole recipe, which replaces sugar with cinnamon and syrup. She said her kids love marshmallows on it, […]

Dr. Oz: Bakery Owners Overcome Sugar Addiction Dr. Oz has been talking to Catarah and Shoneji, two bakery owners who overcame their sugar addiction with the help of Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Using Dr. Fuhrman’s advice and their own expertise, the ladies were able to create some mouthwatering dishes that had absolutely no […]

Dr. Oz: Stanley Tucci Cookbook Stanley Tucci came by Dr. Oz to talk about his new cookbook The Tucci Table and make some great gluten-free and lactose-free recipes. He said his Seared Scallops with Pea Puree recipe came from his wife, who’s British. It’s a simple recipe that can be made quickly and looked delicious. Stanley […]

Dr. Oz: Stanley Tucci Cookbook Stanley Tucci came by Dr. Oz to talk about his new cookbook, The Tucci Table. Stanley Tucci said he wrote the book because he grew up in a big Italian family and he loves cooking for his friends and family. It’s important to him for everyone to sit down to dinner together […]

Dr. Oz: Melt Your Muffin Top Recipes Dr. Oz talked about how to melt our muffin tops on the show, talking to audience member Dujuana, who said she was concerned about her muffin top since she could remember. She said she’s done cardio and had smoothies, but her muffin top seems not to budge, even […]

Dr. Oz: Relieve Constipation Dr. Oz had an update for us about Kristina, the school teacher who had come onto Dr. Oz recently to ask for help with her constipation. At the time, she was constantly constipated and was going having bowel movements two times a week. Now, she’s having them four times a week. She […]

Dr. Oz: Kris Jenner Coping With Stress Kris Jenner came by Dr. Oz to talk about how she handles all the rumors and gossip as matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kris said that everyone is a critic and there’s a lot of rumors surrounding her kids. She tried her best to give them a good […]

Dr. Oz: Kris Jenner Cookbook Kris Jenner came by Dr. Oz to show off some recipes from her new cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris. These recipes were the ones Dr. Oz picked as “favorite food cure-alls”. These recipes are delicious and full of great nutrients. Kris Jenner’s Spicy Tomato Salsa recipe and her Pasta Primavera recipe were […]

Dr. Oz: Chef Jennifer Stack Eat Better To Feel Better Chef Jennifer Stack, associate professor at the Culinary Institute and author of The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen, came by Dr. Oz to whip up a great recipe. Her mission was to show how well-cooked, healthy food can be delicious. If it’s not delicious, you’re not going to want […]

Dr. Oz: Chef Mario Batali’s New Cookbook Farm to Table Chef Mario Batali came by Dr. Oz to share some great recipes and talk about his new cookbook Farm to Table. Mario Batali said that it’s important people seek out great veggies from their local farmer’s market and then find recipes, rather than looking for ingredients to […]

Dr. Oz: Mario Batali Farm to Table Review Chef Mario Batali came on Dr. Oz to talk about his new Farm to Table cookbook and to make some great recipes, including a delicious Carrot Frittelle recipe. Mario said that you could take any fresh vegetable and slice it really fine with a knife or a grater, mix […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Entertaining with Martina McBride Musician Martina McBride also loves to cook, and she is sharing that passion with everyone, including Dr Oz. Check out her DIY Mimosa Bar, Guacamole Recipe, and more. Dr Oz: Martina McBride Around the Table Review McBride, an advocate for women’s heart health, even recorded a song about […]

Dr Oz: At Home with Andy Weil Dr Oz is bringing healthy back in season six of his talk show. He kicked off a new “At Home” series by profiling integrative medicine pioneer Dr Andrew Weil, a frequent guest of the show. Dr Oz: Andy Weil Cortes Island Weil welcomed Dr Oz’s cameras to his […]