Dr Oz: Bagel Whiz, Count Me Healthy Bracelet & Starch Serving Spoon


Dr Oz: Best Weight Loss Gadgets

Dr Oz knows that you’ve tried and tried but still can’t seem to shed the pounds. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Tech Expert, Jennifer Jolly, to reveal the best gadgets that will help you bust that fat like the Bagel Whiz, the Count Me Healthy Bracelet, the Healthy Steps Starch Serving Spoon and a Pineapple Protein Banana Blaster Recipe. Read on to find out how to de-bloat yourself at breakfast and which gadget will give you perfect portions. Plus, definitely checkout the Chef’s Skinny Secrets and Dr Oz’s Calorie Cutting Recipes, both from today’s show!


  1. Susan Medvin says

    I have been searching all over the internet for the Bagel Whiz and I cannot find it anywhere., Where can I get this item?

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